Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Music: Pearl - Always Something Else

Pearl is a new female emcee worth checking out. Her new visual for Always Something Else is a classy little flick, shot with help from Matt Grimes. This video achieves it's goal of drawing you ever so slyly into The House Of Pearl. Over a funky beat produced by The Beat Arkitekz, Pearl tells the story of a personal relationship gone completely wrong, after many setbacks. Somewhere in the middle of the song, the author finds independence and self respect, and the strength to move on.

Social themes like this are missing but needed in today's music. Lyrics like "You ain't never gonna stop until I make you stop" and "It's not up to you, it's up to me...I gotta be the one to see" are clues that the rapper may be speaking from personal experience. Pearl is a white woman with sex appeal, but, doesn't seem to rely too heavily on these selling points, instead putting her artistry first.
You can find more Pearl on facebook or on her website.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Haze Brown @RealHazebrown - Bright Lights, Dim Minds (Mixtape Review)

It's always nice to shed light on deserving talent as they make their come up in this industry. New Jersey has always been a breeding ground for talented emcees and the state has a reputation for delivering authentic talent and skills, Haze Brown has made the journey from Montclair to Newark, New Jersey and has arrived to deliver his latest mixtape Bright Lights, Dim Minds; a clever collection of the current and the nostalgic. Counting Outkast, Ludacris, Redman, and Nelly as early influences, the first thing you may notice about Haze is his serious approach to the making songs, a lost art in today's Hip Hop. An emcee game comic fiend with a gift of rhyming and an immunity to coughing while smoking, Haze Brown speaks nothing but fun, wisdom and truth behind his lyrics.

Haze Brown - R.E.B.E.L.

This is a solid mixtape. Haze focuses on lyrics and delivery, proving to be very consistent throughout this project. We also appreciate the production value on this project, as you can tell he aimed to impress. The beats are reminiscent of the classis days of New York, while also serving up a couple curve balls. You can download this project on datpiff, and you can listen and download the rest of Haze’s music on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Villain gets the money like....CURLS

One of my favorite MC's to listen to.  Check out Madvillain if you ever want to start to listen to metal face aka MF Doom, its a great album to start on.


Earlier this year Stones Throw released some new info. regarding the making of the album which can be found here and Madlib released some remixes that he did for Madvillainy 2.


Photos | The Making of Madvillainy by Egon and Eric Coleman
Read Behind the Madvlillain Album Cover Jeff Jank interview, Egotripland.com
Read | Doom's Day "Madvillain

image by Stones Throw

Redeems the Pretentions of Independent Hip-Hop," by Sascha Frere-Jones, Newyorker.com

When will Madvillain come back, well its been over a decade so hopefully we will hear from Madlib and MF Doom soon because I think its about time to release another collabo.

According to factmag, it released an interview with Madlib and he doesn't see Madvillainy 2 anytime soon.

Here's the interview: http://www.factmag.com/2013/06/04/madlib-confirms-new-quasimoto-album-is-finished-talks-madvillainy-2-teases-early-kraftwerk-type-stuff/





Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chairman Mao and my top interviews at Red Bull Academy

Chairman Mao has been starting a series called the Red Bull Academy with some big producers and DJ's.

Check out my top favorites below: Young Guru, MF Doom, and Stretch and Bobbito.


Here's a 2 hour public conversation with Mr. Gimel Keaton, better known as Young Guru – expert engineer, mixer, A&R, producer, DJ, underground hip-hop booster, and longtime invaluable contributor to Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation inner circle.

Some interesting tidbits from this talk: Guru describing his heretofore unsuccessful attempts to get Jay-Z to rhyme over Dilla beats; his critical analysis of MF Doom’s Mm… Food (and his confirmation that he’s played parts of it for ‘Hov) and his entertaining recollections of recording Cam’Ron’s “Oh Boy” and mastering (with much interruption) Jay’s Blueprint 3.

Here's Chairman Mao with MF Doom


Check out this hour-and-a-half public conversation with Daniel Dumile aka Metal Face aka DOOM aka MF Doom.  Watch him explain the defining characteristics of his plethora of performance personas (Zev Love X, Doom, Viktor Vaughn, King Ghidra).

Marvel as he dissects the makings of classic recordings such as KMD’s Mr. Hood and Black Bastards, Operation: Doomsday, and his essential collaboration with producer Madlib, Madvillain’s Madvillainy some Mystery, science, and theater.

Doom discusses the early ’1980s episodes of Afrika Islam’s “Zulu Beats” radio shows on WHBI-FM. Listen to one which was played in Brick City Newark, July 4th 1983.


Check out the lecture below with Stretch and Bobbito.

Chairman Mao sat down with Stretch (the DJ) and Cucumber Slice aka Kool Bob Love aka Bobbito (the MC) to talk about their legendary guests, their bizarre listeners and how they earned the title "the greatest hip hop radio show of all time"

Lecture: Stretch and Bobbito (San Francisco, 2012) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.




Friday, October 05, 2012



Bay Area rapper Black Cloud MC drops his debut single and video, the Ale-Jhay ( @AleJhay ) produced 'Yea Whatever'. On this track, Black Cloud MC gives his rebuttal to all of his critics, while giving his own critiques of the competition.

The music video was shot in San Francisco in the Western Addition and Richmond District,  (aka The Avenues) neighborhoods, and features iconic landmarks such as the murals on Lyon Street, the bus station on Geary Street and the alley known as ‘Lone Mountain’, as well as the beautiful landscape that encompasses The Bay Area, such as the areas near The University of San Francisco and Golden Gate Park. The music video was shot in HD with the Canon Rebel T4i by San Francisco based Director TehBasketCasey. Check it out below: 

Black Cloud MC - Yea Whatever (Official Music Video)

Directed by - Teh Basket Casey 
Label - The Ghetto Soundtrack

Black Cloud MC’s influences stretch from classic Ice Cube, KRS-One, Gang Starr, Above the Law and N.W.A tracks to modern artists such as Eminem, T.I, Kanye West, Nas, Jadakiss, Ludacris, and Chamillionaire, and from there, it is not hard to understand why Black Cloud MC cherishes the strong tradition of lyricism combined with strong melodies. 

The album, "...Revenge", was executive produced by Mean And Nasty for GSC Records ( @GhettoSoundUSA ) and was released in July of 2012. The album, which features hip and and r and;b artists from many regions; uses the different outlooks to somehow narrate and chronicle the pursuit of something you love in the city and how, somehow, it’s all about payback.

Black Cloud MC - Yea Whatever (Single Version)

Producer: Ale-Jhay 
Label: The Ghetto Soundtrack

Free Instant download 
(single dl with cover artwork) 

 Mean And Nasty presents: The Taste Of Revenge

Available on iTunes: 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Kool Bob Love


Andy Valmorbida introduces the famous New York City 80s graffiti artist Futura who had a boat load of artists like Kool Keith from Ultramagentic MCs, Trashhand, Jakuan Melendez, Ricky Powell, Russell Simmons Fab 5 Freddy, Clayton Patterson models, and media such as Yu Ming, Vashtie, Bill Spector, his daughter Tabatha McGurr , his son The 13th Witness, Stash and a ton more showed up to check out Leonard McGurr's past decade of collections - FUTURESHOCK.

Check out these articles which discusses more about Valmorbida in this year's Fashion Night Out





Saturday, July 14, 2012

Refreshing New Hip Hop: Mean And Nasty - I'm A Pimp

Mean And Nasty

Mean And Nasty - I'm A Pimp (New Song) from The Taste Of Revenge LP

Cleveland, OH born & Los Angeles, CA native Mean And Nasty has returned with "I'm A Pimp", the first single from the brand new album "The Taste Of Revenge" which drops July 17th 2012 on GSC Records.

Since releasing his debut solo album The Ghetto Soundtrack in late 2011and the fan favorite mixtape XXL in early 2012, Mean has stayed busy mainly behind the scenes working with artists like Ale-Jhay, Diva Sky Luv, EVAgreen, Stone The Butcha and others affiliated with his Ghetto Soundtrack Recording Label.

"I'm A Pimp" (produced by Mean And Nasty) tells the story of a man torn between chasing his dreams and leaving the one(s) he loves behind, if only temporarily.

In addition to the above mentioned artists, The Taste Of Revenge also features performances by Jordon P., BlackCloud MC, Booney Bambino and Ms. Masiya; and music production from G Veteran and Artificial Intelligence.

Mean has streamed the entire Taste Of Revenge album on his YouTube page for all who want to preview.

You can also check out Mean And Nasty  on Soundcloud, new Facebook and Twitter

Contact for Mean And Nasty: contactmean@theghettosoundtrack.com

Monday, July 02, 2012

Refreshing New Hip Hop: Ale-Jhay - Bring The Noise (Music Video)

Ale-Jhay - Bring The Noise

The newest music video from Ghetto Soundtrack Recording artist Ale-Jhay. This one is for the title track of his debut album called 'Bring The Noise' and was directed by fellow label mate Mean And Nasty. 

Ale-Jhay's album 'Bring The Noise' is in stores now

Ale-Jhay also has a brand new single coming July 3rd and is also featured on Mean's 'The Taste Of Revenge' compilation album.

The Taste Of Revenge - Full Album Stream


Ale-Jhay on Twitter @AleJhay
Mean And Nasty on Twitter @Mean_And_Nasty

Friday, November 11, 2011

Salute our Troops

Happy Veterans day to the soldiers that are in the STRUGGLE every single day to keep our country and the world save

Heavy D & The Boyz

RIP Heavy D, you left this world way to soon

One of my favorite joints back in the day

Benjie - Valerie Simpson

There's a reggae track that also uses the chorus but I can't seem to find that track, let me know if you know which track I am talking about.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seeing through Walls, helpful for Military Special Operations

Here's a press release from MIT: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2011/ll-seeing-through-walls-1018.html

Build a Small Radar System Capable of Range, Doppler, and SAR Imaging

Dark Blood - River Phoenix

River Phoenix's final film will finally be seen by public eyes.

The Oscar-nominated Phoenix was filming "Dark Blood" when he died of a heart attack after an apparent drug overdose, ending an already prolific career at age 23. The film, in which he was starring as a hermit living at a nuclear test site, waiting for the end of the world, was kept hidden by its director, George Sluizer, for fear that the footage would be confiscated and destroyed.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sluizer is plans on finishing the film by recutting that footage and asking River's brother, Joaquin Phoenix, to provide missing voice work.

The young actor was a talent on the rise; he had already earned an Oscar nod for his work in "Running on Empty," playing for Sidney Lumet the son of parents on the run. and had made seminal films such as "Stand By Me" and "My Own Private Idaho." He also starred as a young Indiana Jones. His career began in 1982, in the TV show, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," and then in TV movies, including one in which he played a dyslexic boy. In 1985, he played Robert Kennedy Jr. in the TV miniseries "Robert Kennedy and His Times."

via HuffingtonPost

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nas - Nasty

Meet United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar THomas

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement.

Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college.

Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Marquese Scott

Dancer: Marquese Scott, Booking: http://xceltalent.com/

Song: Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
Remixed: "Butch Clancy"

The dancer is 29-year-old Marquese Scott who goes by the moniker NONSTOP. He currently lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia and here he is doing a short interview with himself. Something tells me other people will be interviewing him from now on. The music is Foster The People—Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Dubstep Remix)

A great weight to encourage exercising

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Eye of Eℒectronica

We must learn to have genuine human experiences with one another and quit the practice of judging and interacting based on views and ideas cast on one another by self and society. ℒℴѵℯJayELECTRONICA


Fire in Babylon

Monday, October 03, 2011