Thursday, August 01, 2013

Villain gets the money like....CURLS

One of my favorite MC's to listen to.  Check out Madvillain if you ever want to start to listen to metal face aka MF Doom, its a great album to start on.

Earlier this year Stones Throw released some new info. regarding the making of the album which can be found here and Madlib released some remixes that he did for Madvillainy 2.


Photos | The Making of Madvillainy by Egon and Eric Coleman
Read Behind the Madvlillain Album Cover Jeff Jank interview,
Read | Doom's Day "Madvillain

image by Stones Throw

Redeems the Pretentions of Independent Hip-Hop," by Sascha Frere-Jones,

When will Madvillain come back, well its been over a decade so hopefully we will hear from Madlib and MF Doom soon because I think its about time to release another collabo.

According to factmag, it released an interview with Madlib and he doesn't see Madvillainy 2 anytime soon.

Here's the interview:





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