Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chairman Mao and my top interviews at Red Bull Academy

Chairman Mao has been starting a series called the Red Bull Academy with some big producers and DJ's.

Check out my top favorites below: Young Guru, MF Doom, and Stretch and Bobbito.


Here's a 2 hour public conversation with Mr. Gimel Keaton, better known as Young Guru – expert engineer, mixer, A&R, producer, DJ, underground hip-hop booster, and longtime invaluable contributor to Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation inner circle.

Some interesting tidbits from this talk: Guru describing his heretofore unsuccessful attempts to get Jay-Z to rhyme over Dilla beats; his critical analysis of MF Doom’s Mm… Food (and his confirmation that he’s played parts of it for ‘Hov) and his entertaining recollections of recording Cam’Ron’s “Oh Boy” and mastering (with much interruption) Jay’s Blueprint 3.

Here's Chairman Mao with MF Doom


Check out this hour-and-a-half public conversation with Daniel Dumile aka Metal Face aka DOOM aka MF Doom.  Watch him explain the defining characteristics of his plethora of performance personas (Zev Love X, Doom, Viktor Vaughn, King Ghidra).

Marvel as he dissects the makings of classic recordings such as KMD’s Mr. Hood and Black Bastards, Operation: Doomsday, and his essential collaboration with producer Madlib, Madvillain’s Madvillainy some Mystery, science, and theater.

Doom discusses the early ’1980s episodes of Afrika Islam’s “Zulu Beats” radio shows on WHBI-FM. Listen to one which was played in Brick City Newark, July 4th 1983.


Check out the lecture below with Stretch and Bobbito.

Chairman Mao sat down with Stretch (the DJ) and Cucumber Slice aka Kool Bob Love aka Bobbito (the MC) to talk about their legendary guests, their bizarre listeners and how they earned the title "the greatest hip hop radio show of all time"

Lecture: Stretch and Bobbito (San Francisco, 2012) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.




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