Saturday, July 14, 2012

Refreshing New Hip Hop: Mean And Nasty - I'm A Pimp

Mean And Nasty

Mean And Nasty - I'm A Pimp (New Song) from The Taste Of Revenge LP

Cleveland, OH born & Los Angeles, CA native Mean And Nasty has returned with "I'm A Pimp", the first single from the brand new album "The Taste Of Revenge" which drops July 17th 2012 on GSC Records.

Since releasing his debut solo album The Ghetto Soundtrack in late 2011and the fan favorite mixtape XXL in early 2012, Mean has stayed busy mainly behind the scenes working with artists like Ale-Jhay, Diva Sky Luv, EVAgreen, Stone The Butcha and others affiliated with his Ghetto Soundtrack Recording Label.

"I'm A Pimp" (produced by Mean And Nasty) tells the story of a man torn between chasing his dreams and leaving the one(s) he loves behind, if only temporarily.

In addition to the above mentioned artists, The Taste Of Revenge also features performances by Jordon P., BlackCloud MC, Booney Bambino and Ms. Masiya; and music production from G Veteran and Artificial Intelligence.

Mean has streamed the entire Taste Of Revenge album on his YouTube page for all who want to preview.

You can also check out Mean And Nasty  on Soundcloud, new Facebook and Twitter

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