Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ajay Bhatt

This is just a birthday shout out to my homeboy Ajay Bhatt who passed away on December 12th, 27, 2005. He would have been 34 years old today.
It was a very unfortunate incident with a hit and run that you can read here:

He was one of the coolest homeboys you'll ever meet.

You will always be remembered buddy for all the good times in West New York.

R.I.P. my brother.


Anand Bhatt (Brother of Ajay Bhatt) said...

NO JUSTICE. My mother, father and I were robbed. He enjoyed life and was full of life.

Almost 5 years on and no justice. No external authority to say we've honestly gone all out to find out the truth as to what happened that night and made sure the guilty soul(s) are held fully accountable.

For those who see brown people as one and the same, newsflash he was a Hindu (think India) not a muslim (bearing in mind 9/11) in case that may have blurred sincere efforts to find out the truth as to what happened that night - assume the efforts were sincere to find out the truth in the first place.

Jewish neighbourhood, main revenue coming from the Jewish community (including the salary and PENSION of the Fairlawn Police department)

Did the police do all they could do to find the truth? no. Did they blame Ajay's death on him (clearly implied it) yes.

How do I know? I went to the Fair lawn police station after being made aware of this phenomenal injustice.

A family of 4 is now a family of 3 with no justice, no accountability and no closure from any external authority except to put 'accident' on his death certificate - the end.

Happy belated birthday bro.

Subhash said...

We were brothers, we grew up together, we laughed together, we learnt together, we shared many happy memories, he was taken from me.
But I will never forget the man I was proud and privileged to call my friend and brother.
We will be reunited in the next life!