Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thoughts of Love

Thoughts of Love is a short film written by Miguel Aviles, winner of the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. The film follows Grey, a Brooklyn-born sanitation worker confident in his ability to pick up women. While helping his timid friend find a girl, Grey finds love in his recently gentrified neighborhood. Grey falls for Amber, a photography major with a fear of pursuing her dreams. Their picture perfect relationship gets put to the test when Amber gets accepted to an internship in Paris. Grey must decide between following his own advice or following his heart.

There will be two short films within Thoughts of Love, one for Grey, the male lead and one for Amber, the female lead. One of the goals behind these two films is to show the dynamic range in both writing and directing. The films will be shot in two completely different styles. Grey's version will be primarily visual, breaking down the 4th wall and often interacting with the audience. Amber's film is far more character driven, utilizing the dialogue between others as a method of analyzing her and Grey’s relationship.

The lead actress, Mallory June [Acting for the Camera, official selection at Sundance 2009] has been given a journal with a few “homework assignments” for this project. From these assignments, Miguel will use her entries as Amber to structure the film and develop more of her character’s back story.

Miguel is pairing up with Emmy Award Winning Editor Michael Jasionowski, for the second time since 44, their 1st feature film. The Impact

Pre-production of Thoughts of Love has already begun. In an attempt make the film exactly how the director envisioned, Miguel has chosen to keep his ending in Paris and has paid for it out of his own pocket. All of the funds raised at indiegogo will go toward the rest of the Grey's film as well as completely finance Amber's film.

What We Need & What You Get

Every donation made helps this project tremendously. The majority of the funds will go to preparing food, purchasing/renting equipment, and various travel expenses throughout the production. This film's shot list is both extensive and experimental, requiring careful planning to achieve the desired effect.
The cast and crew will be giving daily - weekly video blogs allowing transparency throughout the entire film process, from pre-production to post production. Take a look at the film's blog here
The higher perks are meant for those who want to make an impact in the independent film world. They are credited positions for those looking to be a Producer, Executive Producer or the Co-Production Company of a film.

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