Sunday, July 10, 2011

ONRA - Sitting Back

Onra - Sitting Back - Official Video from Matt Ferran on Vimeo.

What was done here is nothing short of amazing. A gentleman by the name of Matt Ferran is responsible for the visual wonder contained in the 3-and-a-haif-minute video above. Onra‘s masterful Long Distance album (one of the most scintillating releases of 2010) was a groovy ride on top of a wave of obscure ’80s funk and soul samples mashed into eargasmic dance tracks. So what better than to take a two-step-hungry track like “Sitting Back” (one of my favorites from the album) and slide it on top of a backdrop of groovy ’80s video clips with some present-day compositing (courtesy of Nathan Love) just to spice things up even more. And yes, Onra is the guy in the vdeo that looks like he should be selling mushrooms at Burning Man. I have tons of respect for folks who can create visual magic like this. via

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