Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mark Ronson the bike song

Mark Ronson - The Bike Song from Kairos Mosaïque on Vimeo.

With 2 albums curated and produced by Mark Ronson that seemed to revel in the funk and soul sound he’d helped to revitalize, his third studio album, Record Collection under the name the Business International seems to make a departure from his signature sound. Fast-forwarding from the 60s Stax Records sound to a medley of references that seems appropriate to the genre-free landscape of today’s pop music–the new project mixes New Wave, hip-hop, indie rock, trance, and more. The lead single, “Bang, Bang, Bang” features Q-Tip and MNDR over a staccato synth (see Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”) that sprawls into a bridge that breaks the mold of today’s more rote pop music structure. “Lose it (in the End)” features Ghostface Killah and frequent-collaborator Alex Greenwald over a track that is one part spaghetti-Western, one part James Brown, and another part Electric Prunes.

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