Thursday, November 20, 2008

World Record Base Jump in Dubai

FYI: Base jumping is not allowed in the UK and should not be imitated or attempted to be imitated.

Who do you know has never dreamt of flying? Well I have surely felt that I could when I was a kid. Very few friends who sky dive but have told me something that needs to be done before your next life and watching these 2 guys from France jump off the world's tallest building up to date at 160 stories measuring: 555.3 m (1822 ft) and it has beaten the building Taipei 101 (doh!!) -Burj without approval from Dubai's government.

Apparently one UK man attempted the jump and succeeded while a second frenchman (Herve) got caught before he jumped. They both got arrested in Dubai.

What this story is about to unveil is that either the authorities or the world in general, is that two men that you will about to see had already succeeded in climbing the tower and base jumping from it without being caught. Whats ironic is, they happen to be another UK and the same Frenchman who was later caught attempting a second jump.

These two men were the first in base jumping while setting the World Record This is the story of that jump. Talk about inspiring going by the slogan by Nike "Just do It". These guys should be doing a Nike Commercial.

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