Monday, November 17, 2008

Mick Boogie Presents Cynicus -The 10th Wonder mixtape

Cynicus teams up with Mick Boogie to bring you The 10th Wonder Mixtape. Real Street-Hop. All beats by 9th Wonder.

You can download here and the mixtape here.

I spoke to Rey and here is what he had to say about this collaboration:

Rey: "These are all unreleased 9th Wonder beats. Which is real hip-hop but I bring that street-hop element to it. I reached to Mick Boogie cause we're both from the Cleveland area so I reached out to him to jump on my 1st mixtape. With all this bullshit in the game at this moment, I wanted my 1st time impression to be straight hip-hop/street-hop. Thats what I grew up on and influenced by... Im here to display real skills, talent and real hard work.."

Rey: "I'm from Lorain, Ohio which is 30 minutes west of Cleveland. But in Cleveland is where we do our shows, networking and work at. I been doing this rap thing since 03' but in the hip-hop culture since I can remember... Put it like this, "Shell Toe Adidas, Beat Street and a Michael Jackson Jacket".. lol.. Straight Up! I dropped my debut in 2005 and that got me in the game for people to take me serious and fuck with me."

Rey: "3 years later, now I got my own pro tools studio and a series of mixtapes ready to unload. I just completed my second Mixtape entitled Out On Bail cause Im really out on bail. I got Big Mike hosting that and thats gonna be a trilogy. Crazy thing is, is that Out On Bail aint drop yet and I already got an untitled mixtape done. So now Im already working on Out On Bail 2 and halfway done."

Rey: "Plus Im bout to leak the track I did with Max-B. and the other one I did with 40 Cal. Im really here now and I aint going nowhere.. The 10th Wonder Pt.2(coming soon) & Out On Bail: The Prequel(coming soon)"

Keep a look out for Cynicus. He's got a bunch of projects in the coming year.

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