Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love at first bite

I thought this was a neat campaign for a chocolate bar which I think will be quite successful. Its a 17 minute clip, but makes you want to go to the Greek Islands and even Athens while eating Lacta.

This integrated campaign seems to target a younger demographic around 18-24 young
women and men, the primary target group for "Lacta", one of the most renowned chocolate brands in Greece.

The campaign is also promoting Lacta's sales, by placing special "on-pack" codes, that users could then submit on the website and get tips in order to progress the story.

Whats really neat is that you are asked to use your mouse during some of the chapters which makes you the character which I felt was really creative.

I feel that telling stories is a great way to market a product especially when you can capture the audience for that long on your website. Hey, it worked for me.

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