Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hoop Dreams & Blind Ambition

So I have been trying to follow the NBA playoffs and recently received a video from Dr. Yi about this boy named Jason McElwain.

You either know this kid or you may not but recently I have reached parenthood and this has hit a nerve and makes you wonder how some people are really capable of achieving their dreams just with a little bit of drive and patience.

Meet Jason, where you're about to see his first 3-point attempt at a game in Greece Athena HS in Rochester, NY. He was a manager for the team but was asked to play in this game....he missed a few layups and jumpers.

However, within a four minute period at the end of the game, Jason McElwain seemingly entered "The Zone", redeeming himself in spectacular fashion that you are about to WITNESS. The moment was captured on the team's camcorder (taped by a student).

Columbia Pictures may do a film about him in the coming years so keep a look out.

The other person I would like to introduce is 14 year old Tommy Carroll from Northbrook, IL who has been blind since he was 2 years old. Who actually loves to skateboard.

Check out the great Tony Hawk who interviews him:

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