Monday, June 02, 2008

Go (C) Murakami in Brooklyn

Was finally able to check out the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum this past weekend.

The last time I saw his work was at Rockefeller Center: Reversed Double Helix in August 2003 which was quite an experience (missed the one in Grand Central in 2001! Did anyone catch it?), but I promised myself that I would not miss his most recent installations. This 46 year old artist/curator/ theorist/ product designer/ businessman, and celebrity has created his own world which consists of a blend of apocalypse fantasy and innocence.

Check out the shots of the immense fiberglass statue in the front of the museum which is the only work really that I was allowed to shoot besides the balloon sized Mr. DOB Crazy Z (DOB's March) 1995. Dr. Murakami developed Mr. DOB, a character that was to unite elements of Western pop animations such as Mickey Mouse and Japanese geek Otaku culture. Supposedly, the letters “DOB” stands for the Japanese word meaning “Why?” I think Mr. DOB could be Murakami’s alter ego/avatar but I could be wrong. Every time I look at his work, Mr. Dob morphs into something else like a psychedelic, colorful, and quite a quirky character.

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed inside of the exhibit unless you are a ninja or double agent.

Did you know that he runs his own art studio that consists of 60+ employees who get to have a Q & A with him daily.

The show is on the 4th and 5th fl. and if you are bringing cash make sure you don't bring your boo near the Murakami X LV shop they got set up on the 5th floor and if you got your seeds be sure to stop by the water fountain in front of the museum. It'll be worth the watch I just wish they had music playing along with the fountain.

One last thing, you must check out the Inochi video on the 4th floor.
This is one of Murakami commercial product. He first made a sculpture, Inochi ("Life"). Bu then later on he decided to shoot a sexy "commercial" for the sculpture as if it were a car or any other luxury product. Quite the genius I must say.

Be sure to check out the new bag collaboration of LV X Murakami - "Monogramouflage"
(thanks to Eugene Kan from Hypebeast)
Not my cup of tea, things a bit too much all over print.

Check out the ad campaign here:

The show is till July 13th so make sure you check it out, its worth it!

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