Monday, June 30, 2008

Berlin's new camera hacker

You are probably asking, what in god's name is this?

This is the Image Fulgurator by Julius Von Bismarck.

The Fulgurator manipulates photographs. It actually intervenes when someone is taking a photo without the photographer to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible once the photo is taken afterwards. Seems like a clever hack to me.

So this is how it works, the device is an old manual Minolta SLR. A flashgun fires through the camera in reverse, from the back. The flash picks up the image of a slide inside and projects it out through the lens and onto any surface.

When the device's sensor sees this flash, it fires its own unit, throwing up an image which is captured by the hapless photographer's camera while remaining unseen by the naked eye.

Check out the video and see for your self.

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