Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Levi Straus's brand

I recently saw these two ads and was kind of shocked to see Levi's coming out with this new line of ads where I ask my self 2 questions:

1. for the top pic, where 2 out of the 5 women are wearing jeans and the other half look like they belong to Hugh Hefner.
2. for the bottom pic , you have this girl wearing the jeans but she's taking a shower? It is effective in the lines of sex appeal but do people normally shower with their jeans on?

As you all know Levi's has been around as one of the leading fashion jeans brand since 1853 founded by Levi Strauss. Since then it has hit more than 100 countries world wide and offers products such as shirts, vests, skirts, and even shoes.

This past March, the Jordan Brand collaborated with Levi's on a limited edition package which consisted of a T-shirt, a Retro 1 AJ sneaker, and 501 premium jeans (only 2,323 sets available) valued at $395.00. Available at Niketown and Levi's stores.


This package was designed by a small design group from England across the pond in the south coast about an hour from central London. This tight team consists of a diverse array of different clients which consist of a lot of large US brands. You gotta be inspired by their work for such a small talented team and it shows if you have the right chemistry in your camp, it will get recognized. I hope eventually my design team also will get to that level. What do you think?

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